Planning Team Success

It's like Formula 1. The greatest successes cannot be achieved
alone and therefore require an outstanding team.

Balmung is one of the so-called hidden champions. "We have worked intensively towards this goal in recent years," says CEO & founder Engelbert Leobacher. "Despite the current tense market environment, we continue to maintain a high equity ratio and have no bank debt. Right now is the best time for us to invest in Balmung's future."
Forklifts and electronic pallet trucks whiz through the large warehouse. The whirring is reminiscent of a large beehive, with busy warehouse workers buzzing between the high shelves, preparing pallets of goods for the next deliveries. Balmung has developed impressively in recent years and is one of the "global players" in the healthcare sector.

In addition to governmental institutions, Balmung supports numerous customers from the hospital, laboratory and wholesale sectors, to whom the best possible solutions are to be offered. With this in mind, an innovative and very powerful system called Herakles has been developed, capable of consolidating and analyzing valuable data. The results that emerge from these analyses are impressive and offer customers compelling advantages. Having doubled its sales in 2020 to 2021, from €157 million to €328 million, and also looking forward to a positive business development this 2022, Balmung will continue to invest heavily in its future. For example, a state-of-the-art new headquarters is currently being built in Kirchbichl. This will not only house the European logistics center with automated high-bay warehouse and direct rail connection, but also the research and development department.



"If you want to make a difference, Balmung is
is the right place."


In addition to an open campus with extensive green spaces, the construction of open workspaces including state-of-the-art infrastructure is planned. Creativity and innovation will also be promoted in a pleasant working environment with light-flooded lounges and a company canteen of a high culinary standard, a modern fitness area. Currently, the demolition work of the former concrete plant, which stood on this site, has been completed.

Mr. Leobacher says that it is like Formula 1: the greatest successes cannot usually be achieved alone and therefore require an outstanding team. For this reason, Balmung attaches great importance to recruiting the right people for the company who, with their experience but also the right mindset, have a great desire to help shape Balmung's success story.

Climate protection is an important part of the company's values. For example, an initiative was launched that enables employees to travel free of charge by public transport. To further promote environmental awareness, Balmung Medical Handel GmbH now also has a fleet of various electric vehicles. But sustainability will also characterize the construction of the new headquarters in a special way. Nowadays, innovations, expansions and economic success require a clear commitment. If you would like to join an innovative and future-proof team, please send your application to the HR team of the Balmung Medical Group at